Friday, March 13, 2009

PHOTOSYNTH FRIDAY! Athletic Girls Beauty Saved by War?

Ok, the way to do this is get the photosynth plugin if you haven't already. Once you have it, this post will have a view of the Minneapolis Journal Sunday Morning edition from June 15th, 1919! You'll want to click it open to full screen with the expansion icon in the lower right corner. Then ZOOM alot with the scroll wheel! Pan around and enjoy reading. If you reach the end of one section, zoom out to find the next, and dive back in. As an artist, I'm looking at photosynth as a very innovative way to view historic newspapers. The newest medium meets one of the oldest.

Content wise, it's an interesting propaganda article about war work making womens bodies more attractive. Total insanity. Although the claims are attributed to an artist, it's weird that Minneapolis had a "Physical Director". I've no doubt there were major Eugenics operations going on at this time (1919) and this writing is reflective of that propaganda. Very creepy, but hey it's Friday the 13th.

The caption "Natural figure of an American girl as developed by war work" is just crazy! Remember to full screen it for the best viewing experience.

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